Public Pressure

Due to public outrage, pressure from media and EPA, an internal investigation commenced and logging was temporarily ceased. We had several meetings with both EPA and Forestry Corporation but as the logging continued, burrows were destroyed deliberately, our markers ripped and destroyed and the logging halted again.

More meetings and negotiation and the Forestry agreed to move dump points to areas free of burrows, move a road going around a burrow instead of over it. They agreed to exclude the large section we asked for in the beginning as it is near sphagnum bogs and have a large number of wombat burrows. They bulldozed a certain tree away from a burrow instead of towards the burrow. A large number of burrows were eventually saved from destruction. On the 1st of September, they left earlier than planned, again saving more burrows and saving more forest.

The loggers were gone, so was the pristine forest. The area was now covered in debris, the forest floor was mud and bare ground with no grazing area left. An eerie silence and the absence of animals and birds were so depressing. We continued mange treatment and food drops in the saved burrows and in the outskirts of the logging zones for many months.

A few decent human beings, a Planner, a Regional Manager, and a spokesperson within NSW Forestry Corporation could eventually see and understand our plight to save the wombats from being buried alive and joeys being separated from their mothers. A much better relationship started to developed and together we developed the “Glenbog Guidelines”. A set of guidelines of how and what to do when burrows are within dump points and road sides.