Jarake Wildlife Sanctuary Ltd

Our work is unfortunately very expensive and no Government funding is received. We rely on our own money, donations and the sale of handmade wildlife teats. Raising orphaned native animals include costs such as specially formulated marsupial formula, supplement feed, equipment, maintenance of enclosures…..etc, Often they are injured which acquires additional costs.  Rescues require many different types of equipment for many different circumstances and different animals as well as fuel for traveling to the many locations. We have a dedicated 4WD rescue vehicle in need of repairs or a replacement vehicle. We conduct an extensive mange treatment program, covering large areas with hundreds of wombats at an estimated cost of $100 per wombat to make a full recovery. Our work with the protection of wombat burrows require much time and traveling out to forests and to meetings. Your kind donation is very much appreciated and as we are volunteers, ALL donations are for the animals. Apart from Paypal, cheques and bank transfer, we also accept credit card via email or by phone. Jarake Wildlife Sanctuary is a registered Charity and if you require a tax-deductible receipt please contact us or make donation to Wombat Protection Society with a notation “Jarake Wildlife”. .Thank you Donate Now

Our Key Features

Your kind donation will go towards milk-formula, supplement feed, vet-bills, medication, fuel/rescue vehicle, rescue equipment, enclosure maintenance, etc. The list is long and the need is great.

We rescue rehabilitate and release injured and orphaned native animals.

licenced under Wildlife Rescue South Coast

"Ray and Marie Wynan's work at the Jarake Wildlife Sancturay has saved many wombats and their actions have forced State Forests to change some of their destructive logging practices,"

Senator Rhiannon said,


We protect the environment and native animal health through education