Fires during the fire season will always be a threat at Jarake. We have taken extensive measures to protect the sanctuary by continuous preparations, sprinklers inside pens, cleared debris and mowed fire breaks around all enclosures. Fire pumps and a trailer with a large water tank are always ready to go. Underground water pipes run from our lake to infrastructure. We have an underground concrete bunker with two oxygen cylinders and masks to be used for emergency cover if needed. In 2018, fires came within 200 meters of enclosures, the 2019-2020 fires came roaring towards us and then changed direction just in time and we escaped with just an amber attack.


Floods are detrimental to burrowing animals and when severe all will suffer. If burrows fill up too quick wombats can drown. We provide emergency burrows when needed and pump out as many burrows as possible to prevent anyone being trapped inside and allow the wombats to return underground as soon as possible.