Jarake Wildlife Sanctuary

Jarake Wildlife Sanctuary is a registered charitable organisation situated on 130 acres of land, comprising a 100-acre conservation area, adjacent to the Glenbog State Forest in South East New South Wales. We have constructed over three acres of specialised wildlife enclosures dedicated to the care and wellbeing of wombats, macropods, possums, gliders and birds, all of which are monitored via an infra-red close circuit vision security system. Our team spearheads an extensive mange treatment program for free-living wombats. We have undertaken numerous initiatives, including hosting film and documentary productions, researching wildlife, protecting wombats and their burrows during logging operations, and installing New South Wales' first Virtual Fencing solution to safeguard wildlife from motor vehicle accidents. Our ongoing activities include wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and release, authorised by Wildlife Rescue South Coast.


After several years of operating a successful mange treatment program using Moxidectin, we undertook a research project in collaboration with Charles Sturt University, the Wombat Protection Society of Australia, and Southern Cross Wildlife Care Hospital. Our objective was to validate that administering more appropriate doses of Moxidectin remains the most efficient, secure, and prompt approach presently available for treating wombat mange in the field. We collected blood samples, hair samples, and faeces from wild wombats before and after Moxidectin application for almost 18 months. The pharmacokinetics of the samples were analysed at Charles Sturt University, resulting in groundbreaking outcomes.

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